Top 5 romantic places on the US South

The youngsters often underestimate the US South. However, you don't have to visit California to have a jolly time in the arms of your beloved person. […]

Best Romantic Getaways in Missouri

The Americans bought this state from France, along with other territories within the province of Louisiana in the early 19th century. Despite the unofficial nickname “sleepy”, life is really boiling in Missouri and tourists are happy to come here. So, where to go with your loved one in Missouri? […]

Across the State, Missourians Say Trump’s Trade War Is Hitting Them Where it Hurts

When President Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum in March, Missouri farmers and manufacturers sounded the alarm, worrying they could be caught in the crosshairs of retaliatory tariffs. Three months later, […]

In Springfield, Protestors Send A Message to Josh Hawley on Health Care

As Josh Hawley opened his campaign office in Springfield yesterday, a crowd of protestors gathered across the street. The group held signs with slogans like, “I am a health care voter” and […]

Yet Another Missouri Business Threatened by Trump Tariffs

Last week, one of southeastern Missouri’s largest employers, Mid Continent Nail Corporation, announced that pressure from President Trump’s steel tariffs may force the business to close as early as Labor Day. Now, […]

In Missouri, Hawley Stands Alone in Backing Family Separation Policy

This week, dozens of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle condemned the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the southern U.S. border as “traumatizing” and “outrageous.” In […]

Trump Tariffs Could Force One of Southeastern Missouri’s Largest Employers to Close its Doors

Southeastern Missouri is already seeing serious repercussions from President Trump’s steel tariffs, and the region could soon lose 500 jobs because of them. Missourinet’s Alisa Nelson reports that the tariffs are pricing […]

Hawley Draws Criticism for Refusal to Investigate Greitens’ Dark Money Group

Former Governor Eric Greitens may no longer be in power, but questions continue to swirl about the role of his dark money non-profit group, A New Missouri, in promoting corruption throughout Jefferson […]

Democrat Lauren Arthur Flips State Senate Seat in District Won by Trump

Democratic State Representative Lauren Arthur has flipped a seat previously held by Republican Ryan Silvey in the special election for Missouri’s 17th Senate district last night. Arthur beat Republican Kevin Corlew by a […]

Lawsuit Shows Far More Greitens Staffers Used Confide Than Number Found by Hawley

In the final hours of Eric Greitens’ tenure as Missouri Governor on Friday, a lawsuit revealed that 20 members of Greitens’ office had been using text message deleting-app, Confide – a much […]

Trade War Escalation Puts Another Missouri Agricultural Export in the Crosshairs

The Trump administration yesterday announced plans to enforce steel and aluminum tariffs on key United States trading partners including Mexico, Canada, and the European Union. The Mexican government has said that it will respond by […]