Josh Hawley Clears Governor Greitens In Use Of Text-Message Deleting App, Confide

Attorney General Josh Hawley has released a report concluding that Governor Eric Greitens and his staff committed no wrongdoing in their controversial use of text message-deleting app, “Confide.”

Hawley’s investigation did not attempt to retrieve any of the text messages in question, relied heavily on staff testimony, and did not attempt to interview the Governor or challenge the Governor’s assertion of executive privilege.

Former state attorneys and a former Missouri Supreme Court justice criticized Hawley’s “halfhearted” and “unbelievable” investigation in a letter, writing: “we are left to wonder if Hawley is protecting the governor or is simply incompetent.” The Kansas City Star Editorial Board wrote that Hawley’s investigation “was substandard, and therefore a disservice to all Missourians.”

Two attorneys are now suing Greitens over his use of Confide, contending that it violates Missouri’s open records laws.

Greitens contributed nearly $50,000 to Hawley’s 2016 campaign for attorney general.

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