Josh Hawley Waits Over A Year To Open Investigation Into Governor Greitens’ Use Of Charity Donor List

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced in March that he would open an investigation into Governor Eric Greitens’ use of a charity donor list.

Questions about Greitens’ use of the list first emerged in the wake of an October 2016 Associated Press report that Greitens’ campaign accessed the charity’s donor list. Greitens admitted wrongdoing to the Missouri Ethics Committee in April 2017 and in June 2017, experts told the Kansas City Star that the charity must have either violated its nonprofit status or been the victim of a crime. When Hawley was asked in June 2017 about the potential violation from the charity — given that he has jurisdiction over state law involving charities — he declined to comment.

When asked recently why he declined to open an investigation when it was first reported that the charity may have violated its nonprofit status, Hawley claimed that he did not have jurisdiction over the case until a February 2018 report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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