First Assistant Attorney General D. John Sauer Has Donated $11,400 To Josh Hawley’s Campaigns

In 2016, D. John Sauer supported Hawley’s campaign for Attorney General with a $2,000 donation, a $4,000 donation, and a $3,415.83 in-kind contribution.

Once elected, Hawley appointed Sauer at First Assistant Attorney General and Solicitor General, and gave him a ten percent raise — or approximately $12,000 per year — over his predecessor in the Koster Administration. This is nearly the same amount Sauer has contributed to support Hawley’s campaigns.

In March 2018,  Sauer donated $5,400 to the Hawley WIN Fund, which works to support Hawley’s 2018 bid for Senate.

Senate employees are prohibited from donating to their employer’s campaigns because of ethics rules that prohibit the appearance of quid pro quo. It appears Hawley does not have a similar policy in his Attorney General’s Office.

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