Hawley Campaign Donors Include Sexual Harassers, Enablers

In February, Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley had a very clear message: “I have not accepted monies from sexual harassers.”

But Hawley’s campaign finance reports tell a different story.

Less than a month after Hawley claimed not to have received donations from sexual harassers, Hawley accepted $1,000 from Bob Packwood. Packwood resigned in 1995 following a Senate Ethics Committee vote to expel him. Several female former employees accused Packwood of sexual misconduct such as touching and kissing.

According to Hawley’s campaign finance reports, Hawley has also accepted multiple contributions from donors with a history of enabling sexual harassers.

A Q4 2017 FEC report shows that Hawley’s joint fundraising committee, the Hawley WIN Fund, received $12,500 from David Pasquinelli. Pasquinelli served as a key character witness during the trial of Jerry Sandusky, who was eventually convicted of sexually abusing several young boys. Pasquinelli said during the trial, “I saw a mutual admiration between The Second Mile youth, boys and girls, with Jerry. I saw a lot of goofing around.”

In November 2017, Hawley’s campaign accepted a $2,500 contribution from Joe White. White is the President of Kanakuk, a Christian summer camp that came under fire after its Missouri camp director was arrested for sexually abusing teen male campers for over a decade. Multiple lawsuits filed by former campers allege that White knew about the abuse, rejected recommendations to fire the director and kept him on staff for years after allegations of abuse surfaced.

Hawley has not said why he accepted these donations.


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