Republicans Pan Josh Hawley for Lackadaisical Campaign

Republicans across Missouri are not pleased with Senate candidate Josh Hawley, and they are voicing their concerns publicly.

According to a new report from Politico, Republicans are frustrated with Hawley’s inability to show up and put in the hard work necessary to win in November.

As Politico reports, Hawley has angered local Republican leaders with his refusal to appear at several of the GOP’s Lincoln Day events, a rite of passage for Republican office-seekers in Missouri. Christian County GOP secretary Ken Hurley told Politico that Republicans who had been supporting Hawley “feel he is blowing them off and that he’s not interested in southwest Missouri.” And Jackson County Republican chairman Mark Anthony Jones told Politico “I’m for anybody but Hawley. I don’t like the arrogance.”

Hawley has also recently drawn Republican criticism for his inability to raise the requisite amount of funds expected of a top-tier Senate candidate. A Republican strategist last month called Hawley’s fundraising to date “a five alarm fire.”

In addition to his campaign woes, some are saying Hawley has not been focused on his job as Missouri Attorney General. On multiple occasions, Hawley has been seen miles away from his Jefferson City office buying wine and at the gym during the workday. Hawley has also drawn criticism for failing to thoroughly investigate allegations of wrongdoing by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

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