Missouri GOP Senate Candidate Under Fire for Higher Education Comments

Missouri Attorney General and Senate candidate Josh Hawley is under fire for comments he has repeatedly made about higher education. As the Columbia Daily Tribune first reported, Hawley has repeatedly slammed four-year colleges and universities for “giving students worthless degrees and indoctrinating them in far-left thinking.”

Many have noted the irony in Hawley’s comments. Hawley, a Republican, is a graduate of Stanford University and holds a law degree from Yale Law School. Hawley is also a former professor at the University of Missouri, where his wife currently works as an associate professor.

Kansas City Business Journal managing editor Russell Gray is among those who have criticized Hawley for his comments. Gray wrote in his editor’s note yesterday that, given Hawley’s background, he “should know better” than to espouse such “dangerous” rhetoric. Noting the power of education as a path to the middle class, Russell argued that that Hawley “engages in policy malpractice every time he recklessly trots out this piece of his stump speech.”

In response to Hawley’s comments, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill said, “I can assure him that my degrees from Mizzou are very valuable and I believe every waitress shift I worked to help pay for them were worth it.”

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