Trade War Escalation Puts Another Missouri Agricultural Export in the Crosshairs

The Trump administration yesterday announced plans to enforce steel and aluminum tariffs on key United States trading partners including Mexico, Canada, and the European Union. The Mexican government has said that it will respond by placing its own tariffs on American agricultural products like pork, grapes, and apples.

This is bad news for Missouri farmers, many of whose income relies heavily on exporting pork. Mexico is Missouri’s second largest trading partner, coming in just behind Canada.

Soybean futures have also dropped due to the escalating tensions. Missouri soybean farmers are already in a vulnerable position less than two months after China stopped purchasing American soybeans in response to the Trump administration’s tariffs. According to Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst, China accounts for a fourth of the market for Missouri soybean farmers.

Missouri farmers have voiced serious concerns about retaliation by international trading partners in response to President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs. Hurst said thanks to the tariffs, “a lot of Missouri products are getting hammered.”

Missouri Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill have repeatedly expressed concern over the impact of the President’s tariffs on Missouri farmers and ranchers. But U.S. Senate candidate and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley continues to support the President’s policy.

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