Hawley Draws Criticism for Refusal to Investigate Greitens’ Dark Money Group

Former Governor Eric Greitens may no longer be in power, but questions continue to swirl about the role of his dark money non-profit group, A New Missouri, in promoting corruption throughout Jefferson City.

As a dark money non-profit organization, A New Missouri is not required to disclose its donors and does not have to comply with campaign contribution limits. Under Missouri law, Attorney General Josh Hawley has the unique authority to investigate non-profit organizations — yet Hawley has ignored multiple calls to investigate Greitens’ dark money group.

Shortly after the Governor’s resignation, former assistant attorney general Elliott Usher urged Hawley to investigate A New Missouri. Usher noted that Hawley owes it to Missourians to “increase the transparency of our election system.”

Former assistant attorney general Elad Gross last week took it upon himself to submit his own records request to A New Missouri, slamming Hawley for refusing to “help bring transparency to Missouri.”

Hawley has also been criticized for using dark money non-profit groups to further his political ambitions. While running for attorney general, Hawley faced an ethics complaint from the Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney for his use of two dark money non-profits — Missouri Forward Foundation and the Missouri Liberty Project — as nothing more than “political committees that don’t have to disclose their donors” with the purpose of benefitting his campaign.

Hawley has not provided any explanation for his refusal to investigate A New Missouri.

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