In Missouri, Hawley Stands Alone in Backing Family Separation Policy

This week, dozens of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle condemned the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the southern U.S. border as “traumatizing” and “outrageous.”

In Missouri, Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt both spoke out against the policy, urging the President to end the practice.

However, Missouri Attorney General and Senate candidate Josh Hawley repeatedly refused to speak out against the policy, instead using it as an opportunity to lodge blatantly false and misleading attacks against McCaskill.

Local papers were quick to condemn Hawley for his callous and calculating response.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board wrote that “Unquestioning loyalty to Trump, no matter how wrong he is, makes Haley look vapid and robotic,” and noted that Hawley “fails to understand the value system that guides most voters.”

The St. Louis American piled on with a scathing editorial, saying “Hawley backed and defended Trump’s political play of using the forcible separation of children from their families to force Democrats to support the construction of his absurd border wall and pursuit of more punitive immigration policies. Hawley should return to whatever rock he crawled out from under and leave it to actual human beings with blood in their veins to enact public policy.”

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