Best Romantic Getaways in Missouri

The Americans bought this state from France, along with other territories within the province of Louisiana in the early 19th century. Despite the unofficial nickname “sleepy”, life is really boiling in Missouri and tourists are happy to come here. So, where to go with your loved one in Missouri? […]

1. St. Louis

Guests in St. Louis are greeted by a vibrant element – the Arch. The construction symbolizes a kind of transition from the eastern part of America to the western. The height of the arch is not much less than 200 meters. Tourists here will be offered to climb to the observation deck on the capsule elevator, which offers amazing and very breathtaking views of the city! Tourists will love romantic boat trips here. Fans of thrills will be interested in exploring the city from a bird’s eye view – excursions are carried out by helicopter. Fans of adventure, thrills, and extreme sports are advised to travel by air in a helicopter. For such a 40-minute tour, one person will have to pay about $60.

2. Old ship on the Mississippi

Once in St. Louis, don’t miss the opportunity to ride on an old ship on the Mississippi. The ship will probably be named after one of the heroes of Mark Twain’s books – everything that is connected with the writer’s work is popular here.

3. Hometown of Mark Twain

Missouri retains numerous places that have been described in the tales of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. The city, known by books as St. Petersburg, is actually nothing but the hometown of Twain that is called Hannibal. Here we recommend you visit the writer’s house, opposite which Tom Sawyer’s notorious fence is now located. By the way, tournaments are held here annually in early July, where participants are invited to paint this fence. In the city, you will be able to find other buildings and monuments that will literally take you to the pages of your favorite childhood books.

4. Fountains

In Kansas, fountains were built in the twenties of the last century. Some of the existing fountains were built by local craftsmen; others were delivered from ancient times. The abundant greenery around the fountains only complements the beauty of elegant water jets, making Kansas City look like Paris! As a romantic date, you can choose a carriage ride through the city center.

5. City of Silver Dollar

It is more than a theme park in Branson. On the territory, there are many hotels, shops, as well as coffee houses, and bars where single girls looking for men. Bright unusual flowers are especially noteworthy – this is the main attribute of the town. From the central square, there are roads, one of which directs to the amazing city of craftsmen. Here tourists can learn the secrets of craftsmen, for example, how to make candles, jewelry, bake bread and so on. Tourists can independently participate in the work of masters for a small fee and purchase products as a souvenir at home. It is worth noting that the park doesn’t work in January and February; during the rest of the year, it joyfully welcomes tourists. So, you and your soulmate can visit it.