Top 5 romantic places on the US South

The youngsters often underestimate the US South. However, you don't have to visit California to have a jolly time in the arms of your beloved person. And if you don't know whom to travel with, find a lover here>>>

America is much more diverse than that, with lots of sightseeing and picturesque nature. But, did you know that you don't have to visit the seashore or other countries to enjoy vibrant sunsets? We'll help you find the place. Here are the best romantic places to visit in the US South:

1. Savannah, Georgia

America can be free from the crazy rhythm of capacitive crowds and incredibly tall buildings. There is a small town called Savannah in the US South, and it's the perfect combination of romance and a relaxed atmosphere. It is located amid dark woods and mysterious swamps. This picturesque town is known for its cottage gothic small buildings and ancient oak woods with 100 years old moths. There is no need to rush here and take the rhythm of a big city. You can easily locate yourself at a local cafe and sit there till dusk. Many houses and streets are left in their original concept. Savannah is a small town for a couple of tourists who are seeking crazy incredible adventures.

2. Washington DC

Washington has an incredible amount of cultural sightseeing for couples. On the contrary to New York entertainment and Hollywood-driven Los Angeles, these places will be impeccable for people interested in culture and US history and its core values and democratic policy. But it doesn't mean that Washington isn't romantic. Tourists go there to visit museums (most of them are completely free) and unite with nature by sitting in spacious parks under the cherry blossom trees.

3. Arkansas

Because of its successful economy, Arkansas became the land of big opportunities. Arkansas has huge value for tourists who think that this place is great for romantic getaways. Here you can go down the river, climb mountains, live in the woods, and walk down the meadows with your significant other. All of it is doubled by incredible views and picturesque places for camping and family recreation. Arkansas is the place of mountains and meadows, woods, and cottage houses. It's also the mainland of natural caves you can explore with your better half. There are more than 43 thousand caves to have fun in. And they used to be used by native Americans for hiding places and retreats. Now you can even stay in those caves if you feel adventurous enough.

4. Dauphin Island, Alabama

One of the main Alabama sightseeing is Dauphin Island in the Gulf of Mexico near Mobile. Here you can observe the wild nature in the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, looking at birds and feeding them. Dauphin Island is the best place to get back to your roots, back when people trusted nature, and observe birds you have never seen. Moreover, here you can visit the Dauphin Island Sea Lab with huge aquariums. This place has an airport and a bay, as well as some historical objects and restaurants. But the main reason tourists in love flee here is its secluded beaches in the arms of wild nature.

5. Nashville, Tennessee

South America is known for its huge city called Nashville, the center of Tennessee state. It's an amazing city tourists call "the father of country music." because of this music genre, Nashville quickly became one of the most popular US-South cities. If you like country music and want to know about its history, here, you can visit local museums and listen to world-known musicians. Tourist couples come here from all over the world to see the real Cadillac Elvis Presley owned. Besides, there is a 60s Pontiac from the Smokey and Bandit movie. Here you can also go to the recording studio and demonstrate their vocal skills and learn about country.