What Couples Need to Know When Going to Missouri

Missouri seems to be nothing but an outstanding state from a popular tourist point of view. But how can it impress people in love?

1. Route 66

First, the state is crossed by the famous Route 66. This is an old road that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles and is a favorite route for bikers, as well as simply for history buffs; this is one of the first paved roads in the United States, organizing the possibility of transportation from the “North” to the “South”. Now the highway is mainly used by tourists but it is still in excellent condition. Going on a trip with your loved one, you can go on exactly this road.

2. Civil War

On the territory of Missouri, there were many fights during the American Civil War. Therefore, in many cities and towns, there is a description of the events of those years and their dramatization, as well as real meetings of Confederate and Yankees with the exact embodiment of battle scenes and weapons of those years.

3. Nature

There are a lot of greenery and forests, numerous rivers, and lakes, very rich nature and fauna. However, it is not very hot here. For example, November resembles September: it is already getting colder, especially at night but still bright and sunny, with colorful leaves on the trees. But wildlife here is unique: deer roam freely along the roadsides, squirrels rustle under almost every tree, digging nuts into the ground, rabbits look cautiously at people but still let them close, and, of course, many diverse birds resting before starting their long flight to the south.

4. St. Louis

This is one of the largest cities in the state (more precisely, the second largest after Kansas City). A large river crosses it, so shipping has been developed here since time immemorial. Interestingly, St. Louis in Missouri has long been nicknamed the “Gateway to the West” because it was from here that expeditions of new waves of migrants from Europe went to conquer the Wild West. Many slaves were brought here to work on tobacco and corn plantations. As a symbol of the “Gate”, a high arch was erected (about 200 m. in height). Great place for meet with a single european ladies.The arch can be accessed by elevator, and a beautiful view of the city opens from a height.

5. Meramec Cavern

Perhaps Missouri deserves a visit for the sake of these 40 km. cave trails. And 20 km. is the length of the longest route. It is incredibly beautiful and absolutely miraculous.

6. Mark Twain

Missouri is quite often called the state of Mark Twain. Firstly, the writer was born here, more precisely in a city called Hannibal. The entire historical part of the city is one memorial, captured in every restaurant, shop, pharmacy. For example, an ordinary fast food restaurant is certainly called “Mark Twain Diner”. Also, there is “Mrs. Clemens’ antique shop”, “bookstore and museum of Becky Thatcher”, etc.

7. Joe Indian Camping

Even the old wooden lighthouse bears the name of Mark Twain. Actors dressed in the fashion of the 19th-century play scenes from his life or the life of his heroes.